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Cut Bank Outfitters is a guide service that welcomes all anglers regardless of past experience. We offer float and wade trips on the famous San Juan River and the Animas River. Our guides are highly professional and ensure a safe and instructional trip down either of these rivers. 

The Animas offers anglers hard fighting fish, seclusion, and beautiful views where the San Juan is an excellent shoulder season and winter fishery with 10,000-12,000 fish per mile. The San Juan is a classic tailwater that will insure tactical fishing with the opportunity to shake hands with a giant. Join us in Southwest Colorado to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Las Animas River Trips

The Animas river offers a fantastic amount of diverse water as you move from the valley down towards New Mexico. Every section of the Animas has its own characteristics and allows anglers to experience many different types of fly fishing. From deep slow pools to rapids with big boulders, the Animas has it all. Crystal clear water most of the year allows for epic site fishing experiences and the “spot and stalk” chances that anglers love. The Animas River float is treasured amongst our guides. Offering top tier fishing and seclusion at the same time, this is a hard river to walk away from once it's been fished.

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San Juan River Trips

The San Juan should be on every angler's list of trout fisheries to visit. It can be fished 365 days a year and hosts thousands of fish per mile. This river is home to many trophy caliber fish and can be a trip of a lifetime for many anglers. The San Juan can be described as a “trout factory” due to the high number of fish per mile and the year round cold water. Although it is a busy river during the summer months, the shoulder seasons and winter months are not crowded and is a fantastic time of year to fish the Juan. During the winter months the water is cloudy and water visibility is low. This is the perfect recipe for big fish to feel safe and put on a heavy feed. This is one of our guide services favorite times to fish the San Juan.

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